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About Us.

Seitan & More is a place to learn about making seitan and other vegan meat substitutes.

We like to make plant-based versions of meat for people who want to enjoy the flavour, texture and appearance of the meat but choose not to.

Seitan & More

Hi, my name is Neil and this is Seitan & More. I started this website after experimenting in the kitchen with something I had never heard of before and that was seitan.

My wife is vegetarian and as a consequence, I follow along with her around 95% of the time. I am not a vegetarian or a vegan but I very rarely eat meat nowadays. I have tried lots of commercial vegan meat and mock meat products and found a lot of the time they are lacking and overpriced so I took things into my own hands.

I started to research and make my own vegan hotdogs. Hotdogs was the very first seitan meat I made because the store-bought varieties were too expensive (I guess I’m a cheapskate). This was before I knew what seitan even was and they turned out pretty good. Good enough for me to continue to learn and make a whole variety of different seitan and other vegan or vegetarian mock meats.

I started because I wanted to make something different for my wife and myself to eat and other people were surprised by the results too. Hopefully sharing some of the recipes here will have the same impact on you too.

No Judgement

The information and recipes here are vegan or vegetarian. I do not think people who eat meat are wrong and still eat meat myself a few times a year. I like making seitan and other vegan meats to feed my family and don’t feel that should have any effect on anyone else.

There Is Room For Everyone

Whether you chose to eat meat or not is a personal choice. If you are here then I expect you may be considering eating less. The recipes here may enable you to do that and not feel as if you are missing out as much as you would otherwise.